Morton Consultancy

Making your Business the Success

You want it to be which will

Give you the Lifestyle to which you aspire


Morton Consultancy offers its clients professional financial and business planning advice.  The principal Peter Morton has over 33 year banking experience and since 2008 has been using this to help his clients.

Its range of services includes

  • Maximising profits – are you working for you or for your bank and HMRC.  Anyone can be a busy but are you busy doing the right things and making money for you?
  • The Preparation of Business Plans and Feasibility Studies.  If you want to start a business or change the direction of an existing business Morton Consultancy can help you decide on the feasibility of the proposition, what you need to do in order to succeed and when you need to do it and what sales etc. you need to achieve.  Morton Consultancy has peppered over 400 business plans for clients.
  • Banking / Funding Support Services.  Using his over 33 year experience as a banker Peter Morton has successfully put together borrowing propositions for clients knowing exactly what funders are looking for.
  • Break Even Analysis.  Every business needs to know this to succeed not only the business’s break-even but the proprietors and the “Aspirational” Breakeven to be able to afford that house in the Bahamans. This helps greatly with targeting ensuring the business can achieve it’s owners objectives
  • Business survival strategies – is your business struggling?  Morton Consultancy can help you put in place strategies which will enable you to survive and thrive

Address: 6 Tudor Oaks, Banbridge, Co. Down, BT32 4LP