Feel Good Hypnosis

Turan Mirza is a hypnotist with over 8 years’ experience in the field of hypnosis. After an initial interest in hypnosis for entertainment, during which time his two sons, Jonathan and Daryl, join him in hypnosis, Turan was soon asked to help people stop smoking and to overcome issues like insomnia. Now this is Turan’s full time business helping people overcome a wide range of issues.


Background Turan’s background as an entrepreneur saw him help grow a three-man company into a £34m Oil&Gas Business that sold in 2013. Moving from Engineer, to Software Manager to Director of Engineering was a full-time job but he still found time to not only be a husband and father of four but also to develop his skills as a hypnotist.


Turan has travelled the world learning from the top names in the field of hypnosis over the past 8 years and is now giving back into the hypnosis community, having just returned from a major worldwide hypnosis convention held in Las Vegas where he presented on the topic. For over a year now Turan’s business, Feel Good Hypnosis, has been helping people change and improve their lives not just personally but in ways that have improved their sport and their business. Turan also works with children, including those with Asperger’s and autism.


Trained and certified in Hypnosis, NLP and Timeline Therapy, Turan has specialist certifications in areas such as Hypnodontics (all dental related issues) and Sexual Dysfunction Hypnosis. Ensure you check out the website (details below) for a wider range of issues we can help you with from fears and phobias to anxiety and depression.


Address: 2 Rose Lane, Ballinderry Upper, Lisburn, BT28 2GA