September 29, 2022
8:30 am
ABC Business Network
Leona Donaghy at ABC Business Network

This month's ABC Business Network meeting and site tour will take place online.


  • Zoom room open from 8:15am
  • Welcome from Chairperson, Turan Mirza: 08:30am
  • Brief intros from attendees (approx.1 min, depending on numbers): 08:35am
  • Presentation by our host and guest speaker: Leona Donaghy, Wholehearted Environments: 09:00am
  • Q&A: 9:20am
  • Meeting close: 9:30am

Guest Speaker: Leona Donaghy, Wholehearted Environments "Health, Environment and Sustainability"

Leona Donaghy is the founder of Wholehearted Environments which she set up to make buildings healthier for people. After working with people living in cold damp homes, investigating the issues of indoor air quality through PhD research at the Belfast School of Architecture and the Built Environment and suffering from chronic health issues herself, Leona decided to put her knowledge of tackling symptoms by finding and solving building issues to good use.

She helps clients by improving indoor air quality, moisture management and selecting the most appropriate building materials to use in renovation projects. In addition to this work she is currently going to be delivering two Healthy Buildings courses through Queen's University Open Learning programme this autumn and new year, offering sustainability advice to businesses and educational talks to interested groups.

Leona will speak for ten minutes about why it is more important than ever for us to start thinking about, planning and making small changes / improvements towards safeguarding our own health, the environment and the sustainability of our businesses.

For further information on this meeting or the group, contact Turan Mirza, Chair of ABC Business Network

Email:  chair@abcbusinessnetwork.org

Tel:      07753 23 41 77

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